The Forex market opens 24-hours every day—except weekends, in different parts of the world from 5 p.m EST on Sunday to 4 p.m EST on Friday. The Foreign exchange market has a trading volume of around $1.5 trillion. This (1.5 trillion) enormous volume—which is larger than any other financial market globally, cannot be run by a physical exchanger; instead it is run by a global network of brokers and exchangers.

Forex can be traded over 24 hours every day because of the difference in time zones of the different regions and the fact that the market is a giant conglomerate of various brokers and exchangers who are connected globally. There are three major forex regions in the world. These regions include Australia, Europe, and North America. Each region has major brokers globally, and as one market is closing, another one is opening—or would have opened.

For example, this overlapping of time zones, London and New York sessions overlap accounts for peak transactions.

In reality, due to the leviathan nature of the Forex market, there can never be a point in a day, week, month, or year that you will not find a market where you can trade. Currency is life, and commercial banks, international trade, global business owners, online entrepreneurs, and a host of other individuals are always looking to buy or sell a foreign currency; therefore, the Forex market has to be opened every day meet the transaction demands. 

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