Why Should You Trade Forex?

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market on the globe. This means that there are many players. So why should you play a game with so many players?

1.     The foreign exchange market is liquid: First, there are many buyers and sellers, and your currency can easily be exchanged for cash. Unlike other financial markets, Forex is liquid; therefore, there is an easy entry and exit point.

2.     The market is open: Unlike other financial markets like the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, trading occurs in the forex market 24 hours every day. Why? The market trades an average volume of $1.5 trillion dollars per day; the market isn’t controlled by a physical exchange point but through a network of global brokers and exchangers; time zone difference means that when one market is closing, another market is opening—or has opened.

3.     It cannot be controlled for too long: Unlike many other financial markets, there are just too many players in the foreign exchange market; hence, it cannot be controlled or manipulated for too long. The forex market is beyond-big. It is an ocean, and you can go in, trade, make money, and get out. You can trade a currency for another, wait for a favorable change in exchange rate and settle.

4.     You can win big: As a speculator, you can win big in the forex market. Understanding the market and the currency behavior within which you are trading is essential. If your speculations are correct, the sky is your starting point.

5.     It’s affordable: There was a time that only the financial big boys like commercial banks, investment banks, and different countries were allowed to play. Today, if you have your personal computer and an internet connection, you can play and earn an impressive Return on Investment—ROI.

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